Compassionate Touch

Dementia,Cancer and Palliative Massage

People with a Dementia don't lose the capacity for human emotions or recognition of a caring touch.



I ensure my work is very much person centred, finding out the type of music that they enjoy as well as special interests they may have had, so that I can speak to each client about topics that are meaningful to them. I collect information from the clients, their families and staff in order to stimulate them mentally and access positive memories that bring joy and comfort.
This person -centred approach provides a safe time and space and is a highlight of patient’s lives, supporting their happiness, well-being, self-respect and dignity.

Massage therapy can help ease the effects of isolation, loneliness and boredom while encouraging feelings of worth and well-being. My work has produced some outstanding results, decreasing anxiety and agitation levels significantly, while reducing muscular aches and spasms and building reassurance and trust. Patients who are unable to communicate in conventional ways are still able to direct my hand to painful areas themselves. Non verbal clues are key - facial expression, movement and breathing all provide feedback about how the client feels about and the benefit from touch.

I use a combination of massage, aromatherapy, lava stones (beneficial for those in pain) and reiki (particularly at end of life). I am trained in dementia, oncology and palliative massage. I hold a current DBS and am a member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists and The National Association of Complimentary Therapists in Hospice and Palliative Care.


I offer a mobile service coming to your residents in the familiarity and comfort of their own home. I can usually treat around 4-6 people in an hour. Providing those living their "Dementia journey" the experience of a positive, nurturing,massage therapy. Using a combination of aromatherapy, lava stones, massage and reiki. Proven to improve circulation and help with pain relief. Regular massage will improve and uplift mood and work on decreasing anxiety, stress and depression.The power of touch can be so simple and yet so powerful.

  • Category: Massages
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours
  • Address: At your residential care home. (Map)



The lightest of massage movements expertly applied reduces the feelings of confusion and anxiety, builds reassurance and trust and helps calm agitation. In the later stages of dementia, when speech is no longer possible, I continue to talk about their lives, their families and sing familiar songs to them.

About Me

I have worked as a massage and beauty therapist, running and working in my own salon, since 2001 and during this time have worked with many different client groups from teenagers with skin problems to adults with anxiety & depression, bereavement, chronic back problems, Fibromyalgia, cancer, Parkinson's, and many more conditions and issues. I have studied and qualified in various massage techniques throughout my career.

I have personal experience of my father living with Alzheimer's and later my mother suffering a severe stroke. Professionally, I have had clients in my salon who were "regulars" for many years and whose mobility decreased or developed a dementia, or an untreatable illness, because of these first hand experiences Compassionate Touch was born. From the desire to walk with people through the natural ageing process or illness until the end of life.

This inspired me to offer a massage service to people who might not normally have access or indeed not even realise that massage could be available to them.  I am passionate about this service, and that's why I offer a free taster session so  you can see the benefits for your residents yourself.
About Me



  • New Forest District, Southampton, England, United Kingdom
  • FHT Insured. Holds current DBS. Member NACTHPC